Tuesday, 29 September 2015


We have heard a lot about making friends from our schools, churches, mosques, seminars and the likes. We are told to make friends with good people and distance ourselves from bad ones. But what exactly are we to consider when choosing friends?

1. Choose friends who will always encourage you to serve and please God. That's the most important because Godly friends are always moral but moral friends are not always Godly; there is a difference.

2. Choose friends that have similar interests and beliefs with you. Your friends must be compatible with you or else your friendship might not go on well.

3. Choose friends who will add virtues to your life and subtract vices. Your friends should be able to correct you when you are doing something wrong. They should be able to help you overcome addictions and social vices.

4. Choose friends who will multiply your talents and help you in building your dreams. You abilities can be killed by the type of friends you keep. Don't have discouraging friends or else you will not do anything profitable in your life.

5. Choose friends who don't talk too much. If your friend is a talkative, you are likely going to be one. Why? Because when he/she talks, you will want to say something and remember 'In a multitude of words, sin abound.' Quiet friends are the best.

6. Choose friends who will be able to stand for you in your absence. You are sick or you miss a class and all your friends can't speak for you, they can't say where you are then you've got no friends.

7. Choose friends who will be proud of you in the public. When you mention someone as your friend and people start to move away from you, then you don't have a friend yet. Remember, people look at you through the eyes of your friends.

'Friends are the flowers that beautify our garden without which our garden will be empty.'

Have a blessed day.
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