Thursday, 10 September 2015


      Dear Mother,
                             I have been looking for a way to tell you these things but I haven’t found a better way than to write you this letter. Please mum, am confused and I don’t want to be misled. I can’t tell dad this ‘cause he'll misunderstand me and start yelling at me.

                          To start with, the Cleric. Mum I don’t want you to send me to the cleric for special prayers again, I can be raped. I read a lot about young girls getting raped in churches and mosques. Bisi, my friend was raped last week at Pastor Kamilu’s place. Same thing happened to Aisha while learning the Arabic language at Mallam Shehu’s place. Honestly, am scared know if I tell dad, he’ll just snap at me and tell me am secular. Mum please don’t send me to him again. Am still a teenager I can get raped.

                        Also, my boyfriend. I know you don’t want to hear anything about Davis but please don’t tear my letter. I love Davis and he loves me too, why shouldn’t he be my boyfriend? I don’t like the way you and dad see him. Besides, I’ve been trying to convey my fears to you all this while but whenever I mention his name, you shut my mouth. Mum, Davis has been touching sensitive parts of my body these days and I don’t know how to tell him to stop. Last week we kissed-don’t know if that’s bad- and now he’s asking for sex. Mum, what do I tell him? I love Davis and he loves me too but am still a teenager, I can get pregnant.

                    Similarly, my teacher. Mum, Mr. Bosun has been pestering me all this why to pay him a visit in his house. I don’t know why. I know if I tell you this, you might think am making it up. Mum, I can’t hold it back any longer. Yesterday, he threatened to mark me down in my final exams if I don’t visit him. Mum, why does he want me to visit him? I don’t trust him. There is something fishy about his request. But still, I don’t know. Maybe I should just go and see what he has to say ‘cause am still a teenager, I don’t want to fail.

                      Furthermore, my friends. Mum, some changes are occurring in my body lately. Two days ago, I was having menstrual pain. Mum it was painful so I told my friends about it. They said it’s because am still a virgin and once am deflowered, the pain will cease. Mum is it true? I thought this virginity of a thing is what you keep for your future husband. Please, am still a teenager, I don’t want to be misled.

                         Mother, thank you for reading my letter to this point. I didn’t expect it. But please don’t tell dad about this and reply me secretly and quickly. I love you mum.
                                                                                          Your daughter.

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