Friday, 21 August 2015


              I am sure most of us watched TARZAN while we were young, while some of us were still toddlers. For those who haven’t watched it at all and for those who have but have forgotten all about TARZAN, here is a summary.    
             TARZAN is all about a boy whose parents were killed by a Tiger (Sabor) while he was still a toddler. 
           Fortunately, he was found by a gorilla (Kala) who had also lost a kid to Sabor. Kala took the toddler to where all other gorillas lived and presented him to their leader (Kerchak). However, Kerchak didn’t like the toddler because he didn’t look like a gorilla and complained that he –the toddler- will never be one of them. Unmoved, Kala named the boy TARZAN.           
      TARZAN grew up with the gorillas and in no time he became what we can call the Ape Man and then it happened that the most dreaded enemy of the gorillas, Sabor (the tiger that killed TARZAN’s parents and Kala’s kid) visited the gorillas once again. They all fled but TARZAN didn't. He fought Sabor and killed him; ridding the gorillas’ family of their greatest enemy-something Kerchak couldn’t do. 
              Let’s stop there for now and learn some lessons. Kerchak, the greatest gorilla of all didn’t want TARZAN to live with them at the initial stage when Kala brought him. That time Kerchak made a very notable statement: “He’ll never be one of us.” He said referring to TARZAN. He didn’t see anything good, anything worth keeping in TARZAN but TARZAN promised to show Kerchak and this he did when he killed Sabor. 
       We are in a world where people won’t see anything good in us until we let them see. The few who will can’t show others, that’s for us to do. TARZAN fought against all Kerchak’s discouraging and humiliating words and showed them there was something great in him. Eventually when their leader Kerchak died, TARZAN was made the leader.
           Yeah, there is something great in you. Discover it and use it to better our world, to destroy our 'Sabor'. 
Show the world!
Stay alive.

Monday, 10 August 2015


     You know, it's funny to discover that there are some people who are just bent on discouraging you whenever you are about to lay your hand on something good. I mean something really good. They tend to give you all negative opinions that they have and plant it into you so you give up at last.
     Last week, I was travelling to a city to get some things done when I came across an old acquaintance on the way. And then we started talking. Obviously, he was a talking Tom. Along the line, he asked me why I was travelling and I told him. He started; "Look friend, it can't work. I myself have tried it. It didn't work and I left. See don't bother yourself, it can't work... ."
     " Thanks," I snapped. Then the fellow looked calm, defeated. That's what people like him deserve. Simply because they have failed, they don't expect you to succeed. Please don't listen to them. Ignore them. There are times when you have to grow deaf ears to some people's negative comments. Don't let an already discouraged person discourage you. If you do, you'll be regretting it.
Stay focused!
Stay alive!
Thank you!

Monday, 3 August 2015


     I was playing Table Tennis in my dormitory on a bright day, and one of the players lost a game, but all he could say was that it was the breeze that caused his failure. But another player said "no excuse for failure". It didn't really mean anything to me that time, but later I thought of it.
     In the world today, people always try to shift the cause of their failures to other  things, people, etc, but they'll never want to take the blame that their failure was a result of their decisions.
     Most successful people we see today rose from a poor background to be what they are now,  some went to prison, suffered, and yet their names cannot be erased from history.  In life nobody will want to go to a failure let alone ask for the cause. But when you take the blame and learn from your mistakes and you become successful nobody will remember your failures.
     Therefore, make up your mind today that no matter what may come your way on your journey to success, is it financial problem, family background and all sort, that you will never give up and that you must make it. Don't be to arrogant to know that you've made mistakes now because a time will come when you'll not be able to cover your mistakes.
Stay Focused
Stay Alive.
Thank You.