Monday, 14 September 2015


               My daughter,
                                Am sorry about my attitude towards you and the questions you used to raise at family discussions, forgive me. Now to your letter.
               About the cleric. I’ve also heard many stories about rape especially those involving religious leaders and teens. No one can be trusted. However, Pastor Adedibu is a trusted man of God who will never rape you. But since you insist, I’ve told him you won’t be coming to his place again. I hope you are happy about that.    
               Your boyfriend. I should have listened to you all these days, forgive my stupidity. I know Davis is a handsome and good-looking guy but still he shouldn’t be your boyfriend. Not because he isn’t qualified but because it’s not yet time. You shouldn’t have allowed him to touch you or even kiss you but since you have made that mistake, don’t repeat it. Also, don’t give him sex. If he loves you, he should wait until you are old enough. My daughter, please don’t give him sex. To be safe, don’t spend time with him again; no long discussions, no love letters and the likes. Am saying this for you safety. If you don’t give him sex, he might want to rape you so distance yourself from him. Teenage years are not for sex and snogging, there is time for that later.
            Your teacher. I understand your fears. I had an experience like that while I was like you. My daughter you are too beautiful too be deflowered or pregnant now. Your teacher has no right to summon you to his house, he has an office if at all he needs to (and not at odd hours). Nevertheless, I have written a letter to your principal concerning that. Relax, I didn’t reveal your identity.
           My jewel, menstrual pain isn’t caused by virginity. You MUST remain a virgin till your wedding night. Please my jewel, it’s important. Your friends are wrong and they want you to be deflowered because they have been deflowered. They are not good friends my daughter, dump them and get good ones.
         I commend your courage and promise to always pay attention to you anytime you need me to. I love you and I want the best for you. Do all what I have written here and let me know how you feel afterwards I love you.
 P.S: I didn’t tell your father.

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