Monday, 21 December 2015


“Th e year is going to an end. As I was going out this morning, my mum gave me a job to do. It was a very stressful job but due to this ‘cool cash’ I would get from it, I embraced it. You know the year is going to an end, so I need money. Money, for so many things: new clothes, shoes, accessories, many things. It’s a new year coming, so I want everything new for the New Year”
These were the words that came out of Israel, a fifteen year old boy. It’s good to have new things: shoes, clothes and everything. However there is something more important than all those, something more special. It’s a new you.
You don’t put old wines in new wine skins; it’s not done. An old you should not enter the New Year, it’s not so good. So as you get all those new things, desire a new ‘you’. And don’t forget that a new you cannot be purchased with gold or money. A new you is determined by your plans and resolutions for the coming year. A new you is the new thing you have in mind that you want to execute this coming year. A new you is the new way you want to relate with people this coming year. A new you is the new thing that you want to use to replace the old things that were in the old you this year.
A new you is not gotten from the market, it’s determined from the heart. Determine in your heart thus coming year to become new so that an old you won’t be wearing and using all the new things you buy.
It’s a new year coming. Everything must be new, including you!

Thursday, 3 December 2015


The year is almost over and very soon we shall be writing down new goals and new resolutions. But before then, let's make some things clear to you.
* It will be of great advantage if you can do yourself the favour of sitting down for at least thirty minutes and think of the all what has happened in the course of this year; the successes and the failures, the rewards and the regrets, the achieved and underachieved goals
 If you are one of our followers, and you read our post on Resolutions 11 months ago, then you must have set some goals and documented some dreams back then. Now sit, relax and think how many of those goals have I achieved? How many of them can I even remember? How many have I neglected or dropped due to the pressing circumstances around me? Have I really done anything new this year? Have I made an impact? What makes this year different from last year for me?
Get a pen and put down your answers. 

*Also you cannot start preparing for 2016 on the last day of December. That’s not preparation, it’s ‘dopeyness’. I think today is a perfect day to begin! December 1, sounds really good. You have 31 days to plan the next 365 days of your life – 2016.

* Now take a good look at what you’ve written down as answers to the questions above. If most of your answers are on the negative side, why? If they are on the positive, good job well done. Keep it up! As you set new goals for the coming year, don’t deceive yourself. Set realistic goals and put into consideration all what you have written down. You might not have achieved all the set goals of 2015. However that’s no reason for sorrow. Note those things that prevented you from achieving your goals and do not give them a chance this coming year. They are stumbling blocks, not ‘stopping blocks.’

*Goals are unique to every individual. It will be very unwise for you to search for New Year resolutions online and write them down as yours. Some people do this. You shouldn’t be setting goals because other people are doing so, or just as a tradition. That’s not it. That’s why when you ask someone midway into the years what their expectations were in January, they cannot answer you. Forgetting your New Year resolutions and goals in a sign of lack of seriousness. If you really want something, you don’t forget it., you live each day of your life bearing that particular need in mind. In case you are naturally forgetful, get a diary or something. Write down your resolutions on the first pages for notes and check them every day. As you achieve on goal, tick it done and write a brief note about it on the achievement day’s page in your diary. That way, you won’t forget a thing.

*Believe it or not, you cannot achieve a thing without God. But that’s not substitute for hard work which id the bedrock of success. Happy new month. Stay blessed.