Monday, 7 September 2015


                Every individual in life is striving to be a leader, and we try all
our best possible to be that leader, but before you become that
leader, you have to be a follower.

NOTE: It is not a bad thin to be a follower, but it will be worse for
you if you remain a follower.
Before you become a leader or even if your are a leader now, I will
like to just point out few out of many leadership qualities you can see
in God.
1. FAITHFUL: as a leader you have to be more than faithful to
whatsoever is committed into your care.

2. TRUST: this is somehow related to been faithful. You mush not
betray the trust your followers have in you.

3. LOVING: God is Love. To be successful as a leader, you have to love
your followers unconditionally, because if you love them, you will not
cheat them, you won't lie to them, e.t.c.

4. DEFINITE PLAN & DECISION: as a good leader, you have to have a plan
that will not waver, and when you make decisions, you must abide by
it, because followers won't want a leader that doesn't have something
to stand for.

5. SELF-CONTROL: as a leader, you MUST be able to control every aspect
of your life, this will go a long way in your achievement. Because you
won't be able to control your followers if you can't control yourself.
Lastly, before you reach the level of a leadership, ask yourself these
Am I a good follower?
Am I a wise follower?
Do I do as i want my followers to do to me when I become a leader?


If the answers are negative, then you have to change, so as to attain leadership post, because, trying to bring others down only shows you
are down, and it won't take you up.
Keep the fire burning
Keep the dream alive
Thank you.

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