Monday, 12 October 2015



You know, it's not every time we open our mouth to contribute in every given discussion. There are times when contributing in a discussion shows that you are not who you are supposed to be - you lack dignity. We all ought to be reserved to an EXTENT.

Similarly, it's not every time you listen to what someone is saying. Why? Because sometimes they speak corrupt and filthy words that would do you no good. As much as I would not want you to say such things, I also do not want you to hear them.

Sometimes, when am in a gathering, someone will just clear his or her throat and start what he or she calls a 'good-gossip' (No such thing exists). Do you know that Mr. A is this? And that Mrs. B is pregnant for Mr.Q who is the brother of Mr.A, the boss of Mr.B? Do you know that Mrs.B wants to abort the pregnancy and that blah blah blah!!! What's your business?

Some say they are learning from these people's mistake. However, learning does not mean you should start analysing all what other people have done wrong. When such discussions are going on and I find myself so unfortunate to be there, I take my leave. I tell myself, 'I don't want to be involved.' And I go.

Why? If I cannot contribute to the discussion, can't I listen? You might ask. Am sorry, you can't. These discussions might sound sweet but they are not in any way edifying and what they do is corrupt your mind. Remember, what you HEAR, READ and SEE make up what you meditate on. If you spend the whole day listening to gossips about the pretty girl next door, then you'll go back and lie on your bed thinking about her. If you spend quality time listening to gossips about how bad your president is, you'd go back and meditate on it afterwards - most times not because you want to but because your mind is filled with such things. Can you now see why you need to take your leave when neat discussions are turning to gossips?

Perhaps you are even the one initiating the 'environmental gossip' in your neighborhood. You take a chair and sit in front of your house, until Mrs. B and Mrs. P comes to join to join you (joblessness) and then you start the gossip about Mrs. F who has travelled to Europe with a fake passport. And then you see Mrs. F who is

supposed to be in Europe coming, and you quickly switch to Mrs.X and gossip away your time, turning your veranda into a conference room.

Think! What do you gain after the gossip? Before are few reasons why you should keep quiet and take your leave:

1. You don't see anything good in the person you gossip about - which makes you completely blind.

2. Even if the person is as bad as you say, you do not find a way of reaching out to the person so he or she could change - which makes your 'good-gossip' quite useless.

3. You waste time and gain nothing at all.

4. it’s a shameful thing to do - disgraceful if you ask me.
Yes, because when the subject catches you red-handed, you look stupid and idle.

So what do I say? There is nothing beneficial in gossip. Stop it!

Monday, 5 October 2015


Every day, we make decisions, no matter what because, a decision not to make a decision is a decision.
Analysis has shown that people who make decisions promptly and definitely, and change those decisions slowly tend to succeed than those who make decisions slowly and tend to change it quickly.
As an individual who wants to be successful, you have to possess the ability to make decisions by yourself, because, majority of people who fail are those who are tossed around by the suggestions or opinions of others.

Friends and even relatives, when not always meaning to do so, sometimes confuse or hinder you through suggestions or talks which are meant to bring humor.
Most people get discouraged from the pursuit of their goals when they start sharing it with people. Sometimes it is better to keep to yourself some things you are pursuing because you may not know those that are jealous, or some that will even discourage you without knowing.

If you want to be able to make decisions PROMPTLY and DEFINITELY, you have to decide to talk less, but keep your eyes and ears open and also think more.
I want to tell you that you have a brain and mind of your own given to you by God to use so don't leave them idle, use them.

Finally, remember that you don't only pay for the decisions you make, you pay for those you refuse to make. So make up your mind this moment to be able to make decisions of your own without fear and discouragement.
Thank you