Saturday, 28 March 2015


Pornography of every kind has been a great 'disease' among youths nowadays. It is a great 'disease' that has eaten deep into youths and is leading most to their end.
In this post I won't dwell or explain forms of ponography, I will just highlight reasons why you as an individual reading this post should stand up and say "NO" to this Pornography of a thing:
1. IT WASTE A PERSON'S TIME: as it is said "time is life", pornography is an enemy of time, time you could use as a youth to do tangible things is wasted on watching porn which has no benefit for you.
2. IT REDUCES YOUR IQ AND MAKES YOU DULL ACADEMICALLY: a research which I came across confirmed that the same part of the brain which manages learning also manages any sexual activity. So you see that when you put rubbish(porn) in this part of the brain you're making yourself a dullard.
3. IT LEADS TO PREMATURE SEX AND OTHER IMMORAL SEXUAL ACT: an individual who watches pornography has a high tendency of engaging in early sex and other immoral acts like rape, masturbation, homosexualism e.t.c because they'll want to practice it.
Dear reader, with this few points and others which space and time won't allow me to share, you'll see a reason why you have to stand against this 'disease' and save the upcoming generation... Share this with a friend and SAY NO TO PORNOGRAPHY... THANK YOU.