Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Are you a student? Then you have to read this (remember everybody is a student) perhaps the fact that any or all of these are missing in your life is the reason you are not a high-flying student. The following are secrets of high-flying students:

1.        Games: Yes! Don’t be surprised, brilliant students paly games often. Educational games like Chess, Scrabble, Jigsaw, Monopoly, and Backgammon are favourites of high-flying students. Wanna be a great student? Play games! Balance the fun with the work. Games help you think and allow you to exercise you brain in a way nothing else will. They even allow you to test your skills. However, not all games are beneficial to the brain so know the type of game you play.

      Rest: By rest I don’t mean sleeping like a log of wood. Brainy kids sleep very well though. Why? Because they need too. As much as I don’t want you to spend your entire life sleeping I also don’t want you to spend it working. So balance the equation. Rest your brain and body, sleep when you need to, it helps.

   Friendliness: High-flying students are not those who lock themselves up in a cubicle all day reading. They are friendly and spend time with the few friends they have. They are ready to talk with you regardless of who you are. After all, friends are the flowers that beautify our life garden and without them, we are ugly.
.      Curiousity: As I do say, curiousity killed the cat, not the man; not me; not you. Whiz-kids are curious about everything. They ask questions and demand answers. They want to know everything about everything and that’s why you will always see them in the library. By doing this, they increase their knowledge on every topic so that they have something reasonable to contribute on any issues being discussed anywhere.
.     Books: You wonder why I put this as my last point? Because it’s the most important! All the other four without this can be a waste. High-flying students read books and when I say books I mean books (not only textbooks and class notes) of every kind. Magazines, newspapers, novels, historical books, name it! This allows them to widen their knowledge beyond class level. It allows them to know what their teachers don’t even know. Aside magazines and newspapers, I’ll advise that you read at least 24 books a year (for a start); two per month.
               “Some things aren’t taught, they are learnt” Michael I.O.
How? Through books.

So have you been able to point out what’s keeping you from being the best.Goodluck

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