Thursday, 10 September 2015


     Long ago before the evolution of man, the animals lived together
happily; mammals, birds, fishes and amphibians. The kingdom was such a
peaceful and united one that they celebrated festivals here and there.
One day the Lion announced that very soon there would be a Boxing
Contest in the kingdom and the final winner would be awarded a place
in the king’s palace.
   “So if you are interested, register with the parrot before tomorrow,”
the Lion concluded.
The goat, leopard, antelope, hen, sheep and many other animals
registered for the contest. The ant also registered.
    “What are you doing here?” the parrot chuckled. “You are too tiny for
this.” But nevertheless, the ant put down his name on the big scroll
the parrot was holding.
    The contest started a week later. It was scheduled for mornings and
evenings and one by one the animals were being eliminated.
Surprisingly, only the antelope and the ant made it to the finals
which was scheduled for the coming week.
“Both of you should go and prepare yourself for the final match.” The
king advised

     During the days of preparation, the antelope busied himself with
purchasing the best boxing materials that were available in the
kingdom: gloves, armours, mouth guards and the likes. He even borrowed
loans from various animals when he went bankrupt.

    However, the little ant started training himself. He went to every
animal in the kingdom and challenged them all to a contest, one by
one. Though he was defeated by some of them, he learnt new skills and
developed his pincers.

   When the D-day arrived, the antelope appeared with gloves, armours and
materials which he didn’t even know how to use. And then the fight
started. The antelope was a good boxer but all the materials he put on
weighed him down. The armour was too heavy, the gloves weren’t any
better and worse still he had never used them before. Eventually, he
was defeated by the ant who made use of what he had: pincers.

LESSON: Why was the antelope defeated? Because he didn’t get himself
prepared. Preparation is a catalyst to success. No matter the amount
of money you have; no matter the fame; the material possession you
possess; you still have to get yourself prepared for the future.
          Whatever it is that is coming up, if you are prepared then you are
ready. Despite the antelope’s gloves and everything, he wasn’t ready
and so he was defeated. Even though the ant didn’t have much, he still
won the contest because he was prepared. Acquisition of wealth or fame
doesn’t really mean you are preparing for the future, it doesn’t. The
little you have, how are you using them?

As The Guide will say: Be prepared

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