Friday, 25 September 2015


Mother hen had 10 chicks. She hatched them all the same day and they all enjoyed the same motherly care. However, as they grew up, they all became different in nature. Some big, some small. Some lazy, some hardworking. Some noisy, some quiet. Some rude, some respectful.

Among all the chicks, mother hen cherished a particular chick that was very (small though) hardworking, respectful and quiet. This particular chick always went with mother hen to search for food. Her name was Casillos, or as mother hen would call her; Casillos the asset.

And it happened one day that Casillos was taken away by a very wicked hawk. This was unbearable for mother hen. She wept all day and refused to eat, Casillos was a fortune to her, an asset. And so she begged the parrot to tell the hawk to return Casillos. The parrot did as mother hen asked her and the wicked hawk returned the next day with Casillos. However, she asked for another chick in exchange for Casillos.

On hearing this, all the other chicks went into hiding. But mother hen, determined to get casillos back fished then out and brought them before the wicked hawk. Then mother hen took Papillo, the biggest, most disrespectful and laziest chick and gave her in exchange for casillos. Being big, the hawk liked Papillo and she took her away and dropped Casillos. As from that day bon, all the other chicks were as hardworking and as good as casillos. One cannot say when the hawk will return.

The End.

Moral: be an asset,not a liability. Casillos was an asset and mother hen was ready to give away Papillo, who was of no good to her, to the hawk. Are you useful to your organization that your boss can do anything to keep you? Are you useful in your class/dept. That your teacher will not let you go no matter what? Are you active in your church that vigils can be kept if you fall sick? Finally, are you useful to your family? Better be useful or else you’d end up like Papillo.

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