Monday, 10 August 2015


     You know, it's funny to discover that there are some people who are just bent on discouraging you whenever you are about to lay your hand on something good. I mean something really good. They tend to give you all negative opinions that they have and plant it into you so you give up at last.
     Last week, I was travelling to a city to get some things done when I came across an old acquaintance on the way. And then we started talking. Obviously, he was a talking Tom. Along the line, he asked me why I was travelling and I told him. He started; "Look friend, it can't work. I myself have tried it. It didn't work and I left. See don't bother yourself, it can't work... ."
     " Thanks," I snapped. Then the fellow looked calm, defeated. That's what people like him deserve. Simply because they have failed, they don't expect you to succeed. Please don't listen to them. Ignore them. There are times when you have to grow deaf ears to some people's negative comments. Don't let an already discouraged person discourage you. If you do, you'll be regretting it.
Stay focused!
Stay alive!
Thank you!

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