Tuesday, 29 September 2015


There had been no power supply in the community for two days and that night, the whole community was in total darkness. It was that same night that Chief Loko returned from a business trip to Lagos.
‘What?! Darkness in my house? Bring out my generator!’ he ordered his servant who obeyed immediately and in a minute, Chief Loko’s house was lit up.

When everyone in the community saw light in Chief Loko’s house, they were astonished. ‘Are my eyes deceiving me?’ each one said to the other. Then everyone holding a candlestick went to Chief Loko’s house to charge their lamps.
On getting to the house, they spoke with the servant, ‘Please, if we have found favour in your sight, grant us permission that we might come in and charge our lamps.’ The people said, all holding candlesticks.

‘I will call my master so he can grant you permission.’ The servant said and went to call his master. Loko returned in rage.
‘Did I buy the generator for you?!’ he yelled pointing at the running generator outside.’ Am I the one who brought misfortune to your family? You better clear off now before I lose my temper.’ But he had already lost it. The people fell to their knees pleading with Chief.

Infuriated, Chief Loko returned to his room and emerged outside with a big cane which he used to chase the people away. As the people fled, one of them hit his foot against a stone and fell and then another tripped over him. As they crumbled to the floor, their candlesticks fell and caught the generator wire. Chief Loko didn’t see this and went on beating the people. They all disappeared and Chief Loko returned to his room.

Few minutes later, Loko’s   house was on fire, sending smoke to the sky. The candlesticks had caused disaster. Chief Loko’s servant managed to escape but Loko wasn’t lucky, he perished in the fire.

1.         It’s not good to be selfish. Loko was selfish and refused to share his things with the needy, he died in the end.
2.       Wickedness is a destroyer. Not only did Chief Loko refuse to help, he also sent the people away with a big cane to the extent that some fell.

3.       Your resources are not your own. You might be saying ‘I work for my money.’ Of course! Everybody does. However, life is meant to be shared. You might not be beating up your neighbours like Chief Loko but are you generous? Out of your abundance (and even your little) are giving? Can people run to you for help?
Remember, God gave you what you have so you’d share it with others.

‘You have not lived today until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.’ – John Bunyan

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