Monday, 21 December 2015


“Th e year is going to an end. As I was going out this morning, my mum gave me a job to do. It was a very stressful job but due to this ‘cool cash’ I would get from it, I embraced it. You know the year is going to an end, so I need money. Money, for so many things: new clothes, shoes, accessories, many things. It’s a new year coming, so I want everything new for the New Year”
These were the words that came out of Israel, a fifteen year old boy. It’s good to have new things: shoes, clothes and everything. However there is something more important than all those, something more special. It’s a new you.
You don’t put old wines in new wine skins; it’s not done. An old you should not enter the New Year, it’s not so good. So as you get all those new things, desire a new ‘you’. And don’t forget that a new you cannot be purchased with gold or money. A new you is determined by your plans and resolutions for the coming year. A new you is the new thing you have in mind that you want to execute this coming year. A new you is the new way you want to relate with people this coming year. A new you is the new thing that you want to use to replace the old things that were in the old you this year.
A new you is not gotten from the market, it’s determined from the heart. Determine in your heart thus coming year to become new so that an old you won’t be wearing and using all the new things you buy.
It’s a new year coming. Everything must be new, including you!

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