Friday, 6 November 2015

Never Envy the Evil...

"Shall the hungry pride even the happy band?
Shall the hungry hyena ever envy the cow of his grass?
Shall the righteous ever envy the evil of his wealth?"

In the extract above, the poet is passing a very important message. And what is it?
             When I was in college, I made up my mind not to be involved in any form of examination malpractice. However, whenever we had exams, I saw many of my fellow students cheating. This used to annoy me, and I used to feel like exposing them. That's not bad anyway. Now here is the bad part. When the results comes out and I see those cheating friends of mine getting better grades and higher scores than me, I envy them. Now that shouldn't be.

              In the extract above, the poet makes us to understand that no matter how hungry a pride (a group of lions) is, they will never envy the band (a group of monkeys). Why? Because they know they can't do what the monkey is doing to get filled. Monkeys are herbivores, and they eat mainly fruits. The lion on other hand is the king, and he feeds on flesh. Now imagine a scene where a monkey enjoying himself on the top of a tall tree, eating bananas and then a young lion searching the jungle for meat sees him. You can't expect the young lion to beg the monkey for banana or to be envious of the monkey. It can never happen. Yes, the lion is hungry and the monkey is enjoying but he is getting his enjoyment from bananas. Mere bananas! That, to the lion, is junk.
Same applies to us. If you see a thief buying goods shoes, latest cars and beautiful mansions, you must not envy him. Why? Because the source of his wealth is evil. Most of those colleagues of mine who cheat during exams pass excellently. Sometimes, they get better grades and higher scores than I do, but still I must not envy them.
          Here is another extract from the concluding part of the same poem:
    "For when the monkey reluctantly receives his reward,
     Not even the dying cub will covet his couch.
     For when the wicked is being visited by his wickedness,
     Not even the righteous beggar will beg for his bread."

Did you see that? The poet is telling us that 'when the wicked is being visited by his wickedness,' that is when he is reaping the bitter fruits of his labour, not even the poor beggar will beg for bread from the wicked. Why? Because he doesn't want his own end to be like that of the wicked.

     So my dear friends, when you see people getting right answers through the wrong methods, ignore them! No matter how hard the process may be, go through it. You might get there late, but I can assure you those you will meet there will be lamenting because the right answer without the right methods leads to destruction!

      Now let's answer our poet's question:
"Shall the hungry pride ever envy the happy band?"

Poem: Never Envy The Evil by Michael I.O

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