Friday, 15 May 2015


 "The fall of a man is not his end"
            Imagine you are walking along a path and you fall, what happens? You feel pain-yes. What next? You cry-and then what? Whatever it is, the fact is that you will get up again. You won't because of the pain you've felt remain rooted to the ground. It can't happen. Even toddlers learning to walk, when they fall, they get up again. That tells us something about life: when we do something and we fail we shouldn't be afraid to try again. Because you've failed once doesn't mean you'll fail forever.
            While I was in school, an online ICT course was organized for me and my mates by our ICT  center for free. Many of us registered for the course at the initial stage. As time went on, our number began to drop. There were so many challenges associated with the course that most of my colleagues could not deal with. Most times when we went to the ICT center to take the online courses, we were told to come back later. Most of the times we were allowed in, there was no available Internet connection, sometimes the computers would misbehave. These and many others discouraged most of my colleagues and they stopped coming to the ICT centre.
            However, I kept trying. I was turned down most of the time and sometimes I was sent away or forced to leave by the condition of the network. But still, I didn't give up. I sacrificed so many things to achieve my goal ( To finish the course and get my certificate). I can still remember a day I went and waited for almost 5 hours before I could access the 'net'. Still, I continued and at the end, I achieved my aim.
            Readers, this should be our attitude to challenges. Patience and Perseverance are the keys. No matter the condition, the situation and the challenges, don't give up. Remember, nothing lasts forever.

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