Monday, 23 February 2015


I was going out with my dad on an evening last week and I noticed some people queuing in front of an ATM machine of a bank, what caught my attention was the length of the queue,(it was long that they had to avoid the highway by bending).
When I got home I thought about that situation and something came to my mind; some of the people there will leave there out of frustration and tiredness and some will be persistent, and you know that some of those who will leave will go to another bank to use the ATM, and you know what may happen(transaction error, deduction from your account balance and you'll not get your cash and other network problems).
Well that's how life is, everybody has a goal and vision, why few achieve these goals, most end up where they don't want, the fact being that they give up when they had almost reached thier goal, and some settle for the alternative which will not yield best things.
Make up your mind this moment not give up, remember you are created for the best, dont settle for the alternative. THANK YOU

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