Friday, 4 March 2016

Because We Do Not Know.

   I live in a rural area and as a result of that, I get to see Fulani nomads every day, taking their cattle around for grazing. And so yesterday, I saw the cattle grazing peacefully. I looked around but I could see no nomad. I knew the Fulanis were not of the habit of leaving their cattle alone. I looked carefully again and caught sight of a small boy holding a rod. I could hardly believe my eyes. This small boy?   He could be nothing more than ten years old. And then he stood, holding a rod, beating the cows, controlling the animals that were five times his size.
    If only they knew, I thought. If only the cattle knew they had more power than the Fulani boy. If only they knew they had strong horns and could lift the boy and throw him into the bush. If only they knew they had hoofs, hoofs strong enough to break the boy's rod into two. Of only they knew what they possessed, they would be free, would be living the life they wanted, would not be controlled by small boys like this one.

    Ignorance is not just a disease, it's a deadly one. Most of us are like cows. We are ignorant of who we are and what we possess. I believe God, the creator of mankind, has embedded in us all talents and abilities that are strong and powerful enough to carry us through life. But we do not know. We are ignorant.
    And because we do not know, we fail at so many things. I am a night worker. I prefer working (reading and writing) at night. Sometimes, I sleep during the day and stay awake at night. This is not because I cannot or do not work during the day. I can and do work during the day sometimes. But it's not always the same as during the night. I understand better at night. I do not experience writer's block at night. I tend to be more efficient at night. That is me. But most of us do not know ourselves.   We do not know when we enjoy working and when we are more efficient. And because of this, we fail exams.
    Some folks want to do everything. They want to write, sing, draw, dance, code, own a company, manage an enterprise, be a model, own a school, and build an automobile. They want to do everything: everything they were not meant to do; everything they are not endowed with the abilities to do; everything God did not plan them to do. And so because these folks are ignorant, because they do not know what God has planned for their lives, they fail at so many things they lay their hands upon.
    Some folks fail in life because they do not know. To succeed in life, one must be purposeful and be aware of why one is on earth. One must know why one is going on a journey before taking the first step. Ask yourself the question: why am I on earth? Ask God and put down your answers on paper.  Some folks think they are on earth just because the big-bang happened and so they 'just' exist. They live everyday as it comes making wrong choice and decisions, doing things out of God's purpose for their lives. And because of this, because they do not know, they fail to live. They just exist.
    You've got to know who you are and what you carry. I know who I am and what I carry. What of you? Hope you are not like those big ‘fellas’ being controlled by small boys with rods? Please do not be.

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